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His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Sealand said in an interview with ‘CBC The Hour’ that buying Sealand is probably a good way to circumvent international copyright law, but that he wont sell sealand to the Pirate Bay.

This story amazed me when i first read about it!

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Just a quick test, if there is anyone reading this please can you leave a comment!


Released for public download….

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Well ok, i know this isnt the first time ive ever said this but you know how it is! After not blogging for a very long time, i keep stumbling accross peoples personal blogs and keep thinking to myself that i should carry on and do that too! So im going to try and write long posts, and lots of them! 🙂

    Where to start, hmm. Well firsly a couple of posts down you will see that i was after buying a moped, so i could ride it when i am 16. Well i bought one, £950, a Gilera Runner PureJet 50 😀 great and fast bike, havent got my liscence yet though as my birthday isnt until the 14th of June! 😦  You can see a pic of the moped attached! If anyone reading this knows of any cheap insurance places? please leave a comment.

    Lastnight i went to the Frontier (famous -Batley Variety Club) to see Patrick McGuiness! Extremely funny man! was a hilarious show! 

On the bad side of things though i have my GCSE's coming up 😦 On the 25th of May i have my first one which is English Literature, im not sure ill do too well on it but i need to get 4 c's inclcuding maths and english to get into my college place, im not 100% sure i will do this but im going to try my damn best 😀

Anyways, im going to try and write to this as often as possible, with updates on my life, tech news, and maybe the odd review here and there!



Did something ever just appear out of nowhere when you were driving?
I thought I had perfect vision, but that’s in question after viewing this page and performing the simple exercise. Not everything is, as it seems.

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Well, i havent posted in a while so thought i might just do now. Nothing really to update on, appart from my amp blew, so i now have to use my 5.1 speakers instead of my disco ones. So i need a new one. I am also looking to buy a Gilera Runner 50cc moped! So if anyone reading this has one for sale in the UK – let me know 😉 Cheers


Well, i am certainly fairly new to this sort of thing, but its a pretty new thing in itself. I love listening to my favourite podcasts, and to be honest, i hardly ever listen to them on my MP3 player (Zen Touch 40gb) but on my PC, or laptop in bed sometimes. As for the IPTV shows, the same applies. As i said im fairly new to this new craze, so i only listen or watch a fair number of shows. All of which are Tech/IT related!

Anyway if anyone who is reading this is new to podcasting too, or doesnt know what it is and would like to start listening to some of the casts, below is a list, in order of my favourite podcasts + IPTV shows (for anyone who doesnt know what IPTV is, its Internet Protocol Tele Vision)

Ok, so here it goes:
My favourites:

1. Diggnation – Diggnation covers all the top stories from the news and social bookmarking site, Digg.com. Former TechTV presenter Kevin Rose, and Alex Albrecht host this excelent show, with added comedy, and BEER! 🙂

2. Hak.5 – TV show showing you some very interesting tips, hacks and technology news! Very well done.

3. CommandN – commandN is a weekly web news video show that covers technology trends online and offline.

At this present time, these are the only shows i listen to or watch, or sometimes both 😉
There is one other worth mentioning tho, if you have about an hour to spare, for each show – TWIT, hosted by ex TechTV Leo Laporte, and many others!

Now, adding on this post from yesterday, im going to try and write a newbie guide to making your own podcast 🙂

Firsly, lets look at the basic equiptment you need!
– Decent spec PC
– Microphone (or more)
– Depending on how you want to do things, a microphone mixer
– Any software that will record your input from mic/line in. Hell even windows sound recorder will do, but you will need a WAV to MP3 convertor!
An online webhosting account, with a lot of bandwidth!

Now! What ever subject you do your podcast on, you might aswell choose one that people will listen to!

So, lets say youve done your podcast, and you have the file in mp3 format, and its uploaded somewhere on the internet! All you need to do now is pass word around that your podcast exists!

There are a few ways of doing this, spamming forums, submitting links to friends, podcasting directorys etc!

There is one service i like, that creates an RSS feed for you, so listeners can read it with an RSS reader, and see what your latest podcast is, all you need to do then, is give them the link to the RSS feed!
This service is : http://www.feedburner.com/fb/a/home
Very, quick short guide i know, but i do intend to add more later, if anyone would like to ask me any questions, about the article, or setting up your own podcast, please feel free to do so!

And thats about it, this is also my longest ever blog post 🙂

BitMedium Limited will launch on January 16th for those who are interested, however if you want a good deal on hosting, drop me an email at edward@bitmedium.co.uk


I am now onto watching the last season of 24 – the 4th one, having watched the 1st 3! And may i say that it is THE best TV series ever! I really really like watching it, and think its very good! Im also going to be watchin the 1st season of Lost, and Spooks, but somehow i dont think that they can compare to 24! The whole story, plot and idea of it is unique, and brilliant!


I had to half complete a 20 page essay for today, got the notice on monday, i was clubbing monday, so had tuesday and wednesday night to do it! Doesnt really give me much time does it! Now i have to complete my geography coursework, and write an english essay for tommorrow!

Bah! Why all this work 😦

If you have a similar problem, post i wanna hear what other people think! 


Well folkes! Its leaked 🙂

Downloading it now, via BitTorrent, its meant to be quite unstable, but i feel the need to test this build with the sound features and WMP11!

 Im in the mood for blogging, but cant really think of much to write, so i shall try and write about today!
Well nothing much happened, just the average school day really, morning, school, hometime, PC/TV all night! So nothing fun there, same tomorrow really, apart from im in detention because of my stupid form tutor!
Thats it for now, if you read this please leave a comment, just so i can get an idea on who’s reading it 🙂