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October 25, 2005

Well, i am certainly fairly new to this sort of thing, but its a pretty new thing in itself. I love listening to my favourite podcasts, and to be honest, i hardly ever listen to them on my MP3 player (Zen Touch 40gb) but on my PC, or laptop in bed sometimes. As for the […]


October 20, 2005

I am now onto watching the last season of 24 – the 4th one, having watched the 1st 3! And may i say that it is THE best TV series ever! I really really like watching it, and think its very good! Im also going to be watchin the 1st season of Lost, and Spooks, […]

Coursework overload!

October 20, 2005

I had to half complete a 20 page essay for today, got the notice on monday, i was clubbing monday, so had tuesday and wednesday night to do it! Doesnt really give me much time does it! Now i have to complete my geography coursework, and write an english essay for tommorrow! Bah! Why all […]

Vista 5231

October 10, 2005

Well folkes! Its leaked 🙂 Downloading it now, via BitTorrent, its meant to be quite unstable, but i feel the need to test this build with the sound features and WMP11!  Im in the mood for blogging, but cant really think of much to write, so i shall try and write about today!Well nothing much […]


October 9, 2005

Well somehow, the backups for my domain got removed, so i no longer have a blog there, when i get round to it, i will redirect that to here, then this will become my full blog 🙂 Not much to blog about lastnite, other than my new company – http://www.bitmedium.co.uk still has’nt launched yet, final […]