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Vista 5231

Well folkes! Its leaked 🙂

Downloading it now, via BitTorrent, its meant to be quite unstable, but i feel the need to test this build with the sound features and WMP11!

 Im in the mood for blogging, but cant really think of much to write, so i shall try and write about today!
Well nothing much happened, just the average school day really, morning, school, hometime, PC/TV all night! So nothing fun there, same tomorrow really, apart from im in detention because of my stupid form tutor!
Thats it for now, if you read this please leave a comment, just so i can get an idea on who’s reading it 🙂


2 Responses to “Vista 5231”

  1. What kind of hardware are you going to be running it on?

  2. Going to put it on my test PC. 3.0Ghz P4, 1.25gb RAM, 128mb 9600Pro, 250gb storage. Not the best, but is good enough. Thanks for the comment, mate.

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