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New things in my life and a new start to blogging!

Well ok, i know this isnt the first time ive ever said this but you know how it is! After not blogging for a very long time, i keep stumbling accross peoples personal blogs and keep thinking to myself that i should carry on and do that too! So im going to try and write long posts, and lots of them! 🙂

    Where to start, hmm. Well firsly a couple of posts down you will see that i was after buying a moped, so i could ride it when i am 16. Well i bought one, £950, a Gilera Runner PureJet 50 😀 great and fast bike, havent got my liscence yet though as my birthday isnt until the 14th of June! 😦  You can see a pic of the moped attached! If anyone reading this knows of any cheap insurance places? please leave a comment.

    Lastnight i went to the Frontier (famous -Batley Variety Club) to see Patrick McGuiness! Extremely funny man! was a hilarious show! 

On the bad side of things though i have my GCSE's coming up 😦 On the 25th of May i have my first one which is English Literature, im not sure ill do too well on it but i need to get 4 c's inclcuding maths and english to get into my college place, im not 100% sure i will do this but im going to try my damn best 😀

Anyways, im going to try and write to this as often as possible, with updates on my life, tech news, and maybe the odd review here and there!



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